Monday, December 03, 2007

Thanksgiving Leave

Wow. It's been a while. Last night, Jon told me I needed to update my blog- you know it's bad when that happens!

I suppose I feel like I have nothing to say. "Yep, still pregnant." That's about it. I am starting to hand off all my responsibilities with Kids Church and PWOC. Just today, I had a 20 minute conversation with a lady about some issues involving PWOC... while I was happy to lend a listening ear and offer some suggestions, I'll admit, it felt good to know that it is no longer my problem! ;-)

We had a fantastic time up north! My family had a baby shower for me, which was really a blessing. Loading up the car with all that pink made it seem just that much more real that this is happening- in a month! At the shower, we played a game where each person cut off a piece of yarn the length they thought it would take to go around my belly. Much to everyone's chagrin, my two nieces actually got the closest- most people were like 10 inches too long. I'm happy to report, though, that when I had Jon do the same thing later that evening, it was exactly the right length!

If you read Jon's blog, you saw all the snow- it was great! A little unnerving driving in it up to his dad's, but it was gorgeous the next morning. I went outlet shopping with Amy, Jon preached at his dad's church, I had breakfast with two great friends from high school, and we ended our trip by relaxing at my parents' for a couple days.

I could keep going, but since I've started to get bored just writing this, I'm sure you have reading it... more later!!

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Beth said...

Those friends from high school ARE great, aren't they? :)

It was SO good to see you Sara! I'm thinking seriously about a trip to Georgia. I'll give you some possible dates, soon...