Friday, December 07, 2007

Pregnancy Pool

Alright, I want some fun in my life, so I'm running a pool for my delivery! (btw- if you haven't read the post directly below this one, please do so now! :-)

Here's how it will work:

~ Post in the comments section of this post the date you think I'll deliver

~ Deadline is Sunday, December 16

~ I'll send a prize (yes, a real prize...) to whoever gets it right!

~ If more than one person guesses the right date, I'll draw a name to decide the winner

~ Only one guess per person

~ Open to everyone- even if I don't know you! :-)

Keep in mind, my due date is January 6, but the doctor told me today she thinks I'll go early.

Good luck!!


Anonymous said...

January 8...too late for the tax credit


~joanne said...

Okay Sara, I'm going with Dec. 31!What will the "prize" smell like?

Anonymous said...

Dec 30


Rhonda said...

I'm going to say....December 28! A tax write-off as a bonus. :)
p.s. I don't drink coffee

jonathan said...

I'm going out on faith here - Sophie's gonna give me a write off of Christmas - soooooo here's me "speaking the word into this situation" - December 25th!!

Anonymous said...

Jan 2


His Servant said...

Jan 5th (1:37am?)

Elaine said...

December 27th, 4:00 p.m.


Sue said...

January 1st

HAPPY NEW YEAR Mommy and Daddy!!!


Anonymous said...

January 10


Lori McDonald said...

See I was going to say Jan 2 since it is MY Birthday - but instead I am going to say NEW YEAR's EVE - since you are suppose to be celebrating with us and the Emery's!!!!

It would just be my luck that I prep and clean - and then you will be delivering instead of toasting with us!! LOL


Amy said...

Hmmm, I say Jan 1st. First baby born at Fort Stewart for the New Year. Bad for taxes, good for publicity. :-)

Anonymous said...

i was gonna say january 1st but someone already said that...

so im gonna say december 27th, thats a lucky date, its my mom's birthday...

so the 27th it is

love gina braspenninx (last name included in case you didnt know who i was)

Tracy Emery said...

I'm gonna say the 28th of Dec...just enough time to recoup from christmas and still get your tax break:) This is provided you do after-christmas- sale get to steppin momma!


Anonymous said...

I want to change mine to December 14