Sunday, December 30, 2007


We finally updated pictures! I tell ya, we have been taking pictures left and right... and there they sit on the camera... you can go to the Fisher family website (again, please email me for password info) for all of them, but here are just a few to enjoy!

In other news, congrats to Jacki on winning the delivery pool! Jon was actually the closest with December 25, but since he got his prize (a new baby!), I thought I would officially award Jacki, who guessed the 26th. I haven't had a chance to get to the post office yet, Jacki, but it's coming soon!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Christmas Story

Jon and I were talking about something the other day, and he mentioned looking for answers on the internet. Funny thing- I used to Google every other thought I had, and after several days of dealing with this situation, it hadn't even occurred to me! I used to spend a significant portion of each day online... now I barely check my email!

We had a great Christmas with Sophie! As much as we missed not being able to see family, we really really enjoyed it being just us. Jon led the music at the installation Christmas Eve service Monday night- it was a beautiful service. During the lighting of the candles, Jon and I played special music- he on guitar and vocals, me on the flute. It was going great until they shut off ALL the lights once all the candles were lit- we couldn't see anything! Seeing how we had just chosen the song late that afternoon (and neither of us had ever played it), it was a bit stressful... but we made it just fine.

We came home and enjoyed Christmas Eve packed with all the things I grew up with on Christmas Eve- summer sausage and cheese, A Christmas Carol (HAS to be George C. Scott), and simply spending time together. I even bought a popcorn tin, which the Fishers always had on Christmas Eve. It was lovely!

Christmas morning we made cinnamon rolls (another Nave tradition), read the Christmas story out of Luke 2 (Fisher tradition), opened gifts, and had a relaxing morning! Jon then spent the rest of the day cleaning the house and cooking (I spent the rest of the day doing what I do EVERY day- spend every other hour getting Sophie to eat...), then we had some friends over for dinner. It was the first time we have hosted a holiday, and it went great! I am indebted to Jon for working so much to make Christmas be how I wanted it to be, even having company less than 2 weeks after delivery...

This was my and Jon's 4th Christmas Eve together... 3 years ago at the Christmas Eve service, we met for the 2nd time. Jon says he wooed me with his slick charm... which is... pretty much true. What can I say, I'm a sucker for the romance of the holidays. Little did I know then that in three short years, we would be sitting in our living room holding our child. It was so neat to be able to play together Monday night- we have never really done that before, just the two of us. If you are a musician at all, then you know that working through a piece of music (wait, did I say a piece of music? What I meant to say was a printout of the lyrics with chords... which weren't even the right chords, because Jon capoed... not that chords help a flautist much anyway...) takes a significant amount of communication and patience- the fact that we did this 3 hours before the service (and I didn't even get teary once!) is a testament to how much our relationship has grown over the past few years. In fact, at that very first Christmas Eve service, Jon sang O Holy Night with the Kent City Baptist band (of which I was a part) backing him up. At the rehearsal, I remember thinking that he was kind of a jerk- I think I was too used to working with Josh (Jon's brother and KCBC worship pastor), who is (or has learned to be) quite laid back in working with other musicians. Jon seemed arrogant. Again, little did I know...

In other news, we passed another milestone this week- we paid off our last credit card! Well over half of our debt is gone (excepting the house, of course...), and in the next year and a half or so it should be gone. I have to say, I have been opposed to the envelope/cash system for... well, forever. I don't need that, I thought- I don't spend money flippantly. But I have to tell you, I don't think we could have gotten to this point without it. Suddenly, we know where our money is going, we control it- and at the end of the month when there's some left in the envelope, all the better! It all started back in the beginning of September when Jon decided to sell the truck- and it snowballed from there. You can read more about it at Jon's blog.

I suppose this has gone on long enough... I will try to post more frequently so they don't get this long! :-)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Things You Do For Love...

What a week! I have a whole new respect for parents, let me tell you! I can't imagine doing this alone- or with another child to take care of! You know, I don't know any of the words to that song except the title- "The Things You Do For Love"... that line has gone through my mind many a time at 3am, or doing one of several other things that I wouldn't otherwise choose to do. But hey, the trade-off is way more than worth it- I have the best baby in the world! :-) (no bias, of course!)

A quick recap...

We took her in for a weight check-up on Tuesday (she had lost 8oz before we took her home, and they were a bit concerned since she started out so small). She weighed a wee 5lbs then! She had lost 10oz- 10% of her birth weight. Her jaundice level had soared- badly enough to be treated, but not badly enough to have to admit her for the infamous lighted bed. Instead, we had a billiblanket- basically it's this plastic paddle with blue lights that has to be on her back at all times- it's connected by a hose to a box that plugs into the wall. Kind of hard to explain...

Anyway, yesterday she weighed 5lb 3oz, and today- 5/5! They took her off the billiblanket and the formula supplement we've been using- suffice it to say we're ALL happier! I still have to wake her up every 2 hours to eat- hopefully soon she will be able to wake up on her own, and it won't be quite as often!

My parents came down for a couple days, which has been a huge help. They have no qualms about holding the grandbaby- ever! Since I've been using the bottle supplement, they can feed her, allowing me to do other things. (Though it's not that easy, because I'm also still nursing- basically, feeding has become a multi-step process taking an hour each time...)

She has the greatest expressions! She has her hands up by her face ALL the time, and she LOVES sleeping on Daddy's shoulder. She got her first Christmas presents tonight from Grandma and Grandpa Nave. For some odd reason, she didn't seem super excited... I'm sure next year will be a different story! :-)

We (ok, Jon...) set up a new site with a ton of pictures, movies, and updates- here's the thing- it's password protected. But, we don't want to leave you out- if you would like access, PLEASE email me, and (if I know you at all...) I would be more than happy to give it to you! If you don't know my email, just leave a comment with yours and I'll send it.

Ah, I'm off to rest for a few minutes before the night process starts again... the things we do for love...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

And then, there were three...

Thursday evening after dinner, Jon and I were sitting outside, catching up on the week (he just got home from Mississippi at about 6:30pm), and I had a sudden realization: I was ready to be done with the pregnancy. People have been asking me for a few weeks if I was ready to have her, and really, I wasn't. I was enjoying being pregnant. Thursday night, that changed- I was ready.

Little did I know, Sophie was ready too! We got to the hospital at about 2am, and the midwife broke my water at about 8:15am. Up until that point, the contractions hadn't been that bad. A couple different times, the nurse would be talking to me, and would see my contraction on the monitor- since I wasn't "acting" like I was in labor, they were starting to question it! But... after my water broke, well, that's another story! After about an hour, though, I felt like I should be pushing. "Hm, this must be the pain of contractions people are always talking about!" I thought. Since they thought I had several hours of labor left, the nurses were rarely even checking in on me, so I didn't have anyone to tell me otherwise! During one particularly painful contraction, I couldn't keep it in and screamed... that sent the midwife and nurses running in! They quickly realized I was already at the point that I should have been pushing (I could have told them that!). They all threw on gloves and gowns, breaking down the bed as quickly as possible. Sophie's heart rate had dropped into the 60s (she was averaging in the 140s before that)- they think from me trying to hold her in, so it was pretty intense there for a while...

Skipping ahead a few of the details... at 9:56 am, Sophia Anne was born! She was 5'10" and 19" long... tiny tiny tiny!

We got home yesterday around noon and are all doing great! Jon has a couple days off work, which is immeasurably helpful. It is so amazing how much our lives changed in such a short amount of time- we will never be the same as we were- only better.

I'll post some new pictures hopefully tomorrow. Until then, go to Jon's blog to see pics of her first two days of life, and even a couple videos! (She's adorable. You need to go look at her now. Trust me.)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Stress and Fickle Uncle Sam

Have you ever taken one of those stress inventories? I have in the past, then had to again last week for my social psychology class. There are many variations, but this is the one I did. I scored a 358... that's in the highest bracket...

Thing is, I don't FEEL stressed. Sure, when you have me mark off all the life-changing events that have happened in the past 12 months, it seems that way... but I don't live on that level daily.

Until this past Friday, that is.

When we got the email that we're not going to Ft. Leonard Wood, the floodgates opened... for several hours... I know myself well enough to know that I just needed to get out the emotion, and really, in many ways I'm glad that happened before labor! (not to say it won't happen again, but still...)

The first month after we found out that's where we were going, I didn't believe it. I didn't LET myself believe it- it was within an easy day's drive of family, and- more importantly- non-deployable. Then... I did let myself believe it. See, if they would have told us four months ago that he'd deploy soon (which hasn't been said, but I'm assuming at this point), I would have been prepared... Friday, I was not.

I suppose I have always been that way. I let things build up inside me until it all comes crashing down. I have learned over the years to monitor it and not let it get to that point... this time, not so much...

There are actually several positive things about not going to Leonard Wood. One is simply that we have several more PCSes (Army moves) in front of us- living closer to family might be even better a couple tours down the road than now.

Another is that, honestly, I married a soldier. A soldier who wants to be with infantry or other combat arms battalions, who really, in his heart of hearts, wouldn't mind deploying. I don't for a second question his desire to be with me or the baby- I know that we matter more to him than anything... which is why I don't hold it against him. I know way too many wives who resent their husbands for the career they chose and hate the Army because of it. Me not accepting his desire to deploy would not only be denying reality... it would be denying my husband of the joy and satisfaction he finds in his job.

So, though disappointing, it wasn't devastating news... but I couldn't have admitted that Friday night. Friday night, I felt like my world had crashed around me, that all that was good was gone. (What? Dramatic? Me?) I suppose that happens when you score in the highest bracket on stress tests...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Closing Time

Today I officially stepped down as the PWOC president, and we installed Misty as the new one. I'll admit, it was a bit more emotional than I was anticipating. I was really glad today wasn't my last day there- that would have been awful! Misty has been our 1VP of Programs and will do an excellent job as the president. Her husband just got back from Iraq about 6 weeks ago, so she is in a good position to serve these ladies, as many of them just said good-bye the same week Misty's husband came home. Really, PWOC had a lot to do with me enjoying the Army; it got me integrated and connected much sooner and easier than anything else. And though my husband was home this past year, seeing how the deployed spouses supported each other gave me much hope for our next deployment.

Sunday is my last day at Kids Church. I am a little more readily giving that one up than PWOC- though I won't miss having to get up early and miss church (well, the first half of it anyway...) every Sunday morning, I will miss the kids. It took a few months to really get into the swing of it, and I feel like I am just now developing relationships with the kids and parents. Oh well, there will be more opportunities at the next place...

I have learned so much this past year being involved in the chapel ministry. More than anything, I've learned a lot about how a chapel runs- this has been invaluable to not only me, but Jonathan as well. I've learned to be more professional and formal (working so closely with senior officers demands it) and to allow for more grace. Then there's the Funds Office... this is run by Chaplain Assistants, who have a oftentimes thankless job. They will have upset folks in their office all the time when things aren't going right, but most don't even notice all the effort they put into that happening as little as possible. I have learned that giving them plenty of notice- and doing everything in my power to help- goes a long way.

I really have been so blessed to be here this year, as it was such a great learning experience. I now feel that when we go to the next place, I will be so much better equipped and prepared. There will be plenty more things to learn there- the FRG is a world largely unknown to me- so I'm glad I'm ahead of the curve in the chapel community.

It's so funny to think that, just under a year ago, we were leaving Grace. It seems like a lifetime. I had no idea what this Army life would be like; I had no idea about a lot of things! I knew it was sad to leave, but I was excited about what was ahead. I would say it's pretty much the same now. Though this chapter isn't quite closed, I'm at the point now where I'm not so much worried about board meetings, curriculum, and teacher schedules as I am the baby. That's a good place to be, I suppose.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Pot of Gold

I was honored today at the Commanding General's Pot of Gold Award ceremony. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but this wasn't it...

Different groups on post nominate volunteers to receive this award. The majority of recipients- probably 95%- come from FRGs (unit Family Readiness Groups). I was nominated through the chapel, which I considered a high honor. There were 83 recipients, about half of which were there today. I got there and looked through the program, thinking, "Oh, this shouldn't take more than a half hour or so." Boy, was I wrong! The General gave his two-minute "thank you" via video from Iraq, then the Garrison Commander spoke for a couple minutes. Not bad. For the award presentation, I figured we'd line up graduation-style while they read our names. Nope. For each person, the Colonel called her (with the exception of 3 men) name, she came forward, the General's wife pinned a pin on, hugged her, the Colonel recited the same message while shaking her hand, handed her the certificate, then the three of them posed for a picture. THEN each person got to choose anyone from the audience to come pose for a picture too (most brought guests... unfortunately, Jon was en route to Mississippi for the week, so I had another chaplain who was there to give the invocation be in my picture). It took TWO HOURS... over an hour and a half of that was just the award presentation. We ended with a rousing singing of the 3rd Infantry Division Song and the Army Song.

Ah well. Like I said, it's always an honor to be recognized for what you do, and the fact that I was chosen of all the chapel volunteers was a good feeling. And now, I have this nifty rainbow pin to wear! Yes!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Without a Hitch!!

Whew! I am breathing SUCH a sigh of relief!

I don't remember if I posted about this... but a few months ago, something inexplicable came over me, and I decided to put on a children's Christmas program. Well, long story short, it ended up as only a small part of a large installation chapel Christmas Music Fest. Which was tonight. Kids Church sang two songs, then a couple narrators read the Christmas story from Luke 2 while other kids acted it out. After seeing how the practices went the past few weeks, I was REALLY nervous... but they did great!! They were super cute in their little shepherd and angel outifts, and the kids sang louder tonight than they ever have.

And now, I can breathe.

I learned A LOT through this. I'm not sure I will ever do it again... though, if I do, I have a lot of good dos and don'ts! Okok, sooo... more "don'ts" than "dos"...

Have you placed your guess in my delivery pool yet (see below)? You can go here to see the calendar with the dates everyone chose. Again, it's fine to have more than one person on the same date.

Now for the matter of the prize... I have no idea what it will be- that depends on who wins! (So no worries, Rhonda- if it's you, I PROMISE it won't be coffee! :-) I mean, don't expect some fantastic grandiose award... but it will be cool nonetheless!

ETA: If you tried the calendar earlier tonight and google tried to make you sign in, I changed to a different calendar program so you won't have to do that- try it now!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Pregnancy Pool

Alright, I want some fun in my life, so I'm running a pool for my delivery! (btw- if you haven't read the post directly below this one, please do so now! :-)

Here's how it will work:

~ Post in the comments section of this post the date you think I'll deliver

~ Deadline is Sunday, December 16

~ I'll send a prize (yes, a real prize...) to whoever gets it right!

~ If more than one person guesses the right date, I'll draw a name to decide the winner

~ Only one guess per person

~ Open to everyone- even if I don't know you! :-)

Keep in mind, my due date is January 6, but the doctor told me today she thinks I'll go early.

Good luck!!

Expecting the Unexpected

This has been quite a day. We got lots of new information and news... with mixed feelings...

You can go to Jon's blog to read about one part of it. But I shall not write about that. At this point, it would really be best that I not think about it... welcome to the Army...

Onward and upward...

We are in our final countdown! Yesterday marked one month until our due date! Yes yes, I know that a very small percentage of women actually deliver on their date, that two weeks either way is normal, and that most first-time moms deliver late. Yes. I know.

We had a doctor's appointment today. First of all, I must say that we love our doctor. At the last appointment, she spent extra time explaining things to us (mostly fears which had been instilled from the previously mentioned birthing class...), which was immeasurably helpful.

Though there is no sure-fire way to tell such things, she told us today (based on 27 years as a midwife) that she expects our baby will weigh within ounces of 7lbs (give or take), and that she would be very surprised if I make it to my due date- to pretty much plan on going early. This was really exciting... albeit full of yet another dose of reality... that we are actually having a baby. Soon. Very soon. As in, pack-your-bags-write-out-your-birth-plan soon. Well, I suppose the bags don't have to be packed QUITE yet... but you get the point.

On the house front, we also heard from our realtor today that the couple who looked at our house earlier this week loved it and would have immediately made an offer... if it weren't for the next door neighbor's big, loud, obnoxious dog. That was the deal breaker. Fantastic.

Well, it's showing again in the morning, so I best be off to cleaning...

Thursday, December 06, 2007


This morning, while reading blogs for my daily "wake-up time," I came across this widget on another site. You can go here and enter the url for your blog to see the level of readability. I was sure mine would be elementary, but...

cash advance

What?? That is quite the sad commentary, I must say. What is even more surprising is that my husband's blog, with fancy-schmancy words like "metanarrative" and "requisite fear and trepidation" scored in the elementary category.

Now, I fully realize that this is just a gimmick and probably completely random. But, still...

ETA: A quick google search made me realize what the gimmick is- When you post this on your site, it automatically posts a link to a "Cash Advance" site (which I had actually realized before I published this and had already deleted the link...). I then tried several other sites' URLs just out of curiosity... I wasn't convinced, until a site that shall remain nameless that is probably one of the worst I've seen (most pages read "This Feature Coming Soon!!") rated genius. Ah well, it's fun anyway...

Monday, December 03, 2007

Thanksgiving Leave

Wow. It's been a while. Last night, Jon told me I needed to update my blog- you know it's bad when that happens!

I suppose I feel like I have nothing to say. "Yep, still pregnant." That's about it. I am starting to hand off all my responsibilities with Kids Church and PWOC. Just today, I had a 20 minute conversation with a lady about some issues involving PWOC... while I was happy to lend a listening ear and offer some suggestions, I'll admit, it felt good to know that it is no longer my problem! ;-)

We had a fantastic time up north! My family had a baby shower for me, which was really a blessing. Loading up the car with all that pink made it seem just that much more real that this is happening- in a month! At the shower, we played a game where each person cut off a piece of yarn the length they thought it would take to go around my belly. Much to everyone's chagrin, my two nieces actually got the closest- most people were like 10 inches too long. I'm happy to report, though, that when I had Jon do the same thing later that evening, it was exactly the right length!

If you read Jon's blog, you saw all the snow- it was great! A little unnerving driving in it up to his dad's, but it was gorgeous the next morning. I went outlet shopping with Amy, Jon preached at his dad's church, I had breakfast with two great friends from high school, and we ended our trip by relaxing at my parents' for a couple days.

I could keep going, but since I've started to get bored just writing this, I'm sure you have reading it... more later!!