Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Again

We're here!

We made it to Fort Lewis, Washington a couple weeks ago. Jon took some leave, so we've had time to get settled in - that was great! The trek from Alabama to Seattle was long, but not nearly as bad as we had dreaded - the kids were troopers!

So now begins a whole new chapter. Up until this point, Jon has, with one exception, been a battalion chaplain, serving 700-1000 Soldiers. Ministry in that environment had become normalized and a way of life for both of us.

Now, however, he has shifted into "Student Status" - his primary job this next year is completing the CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) training and working on his Doctorate of Ministry. We met yesterday with the supervisor, the outgoing class, Jon's incoming classmates (he's one of 5), and all their families. That took some of the mystery out of it. It seems it will be a challenging year, but I think we'll really enjoy it.

One of my original purposes for this blog was to share my experience as an Army chaplain's wife. But, like I said, there were fewer & fewer new things worth sharing! :-) And, the older Sophie gets, the less comfortable I am putting up pictures on here. I know Facebook has its own privacy issues, but at least I have some sort of control over that. So, no more pictures here, and little family updates. If you want to be my FB friend, look me up!

All that to say, now that we ARE having new experiences, I hope to write more about those. When we found out Jon would be headed to CPE we both tried to find stories online to get an idea what it would be like, and came up with nothing.

Have a great day!