Friday, November 09, 2007

Once again...


Have I ever told you that? Get ready to hear it a lot more. Fortunately, if all works out according to plan (which may or may not happen...), the Army will pack and move us this time, and every time for the next 20 years. That will be nice.

What the Army ISN'T doing, though, is getting our house ready to put on the market. The realtor is supposed to come by this afternoon to take pictures for the online virtual tour... and I am nowhere near ready. You don't have to know me well at all to know that not only does clutter not bother me, but I really don't notice it. I will walk into a room and think it is clean and clutter-free, until my loving and patient husband points out the hour's worth of work it would take to actually get the room to said state. I am much neater (and cleaner) now than in my earlier years, no doubt. But, well, suffice it to say my eyes float right over piles without giving them a second glance.

Which is making this difficult.

Anyway, back to moving...

We finally stripped the wallpaper and painted the bathrooms a couple weeks ago. Isn't it funny how we have all these grand plans when we first move in, but then the motivation wanes until we have to sell?

On the up side, as of December 31, this will be the first time I have lived in the same place for a year since high school. Now that I think about it, I did live with my parents for about 13 months after college- but the last 5 of that was spent knowing they were selling their house and I would have to leave at any time. Even still, this is my 16th move since high school graduation- a mere 6 1/2 years ago (that is, if you count the month I lived out of my car as one "move"). I'm ready to settle down; unfortunately, our way of life doesn't allow for that.

In other news, the baby is doing great. She's bouncing all over the place! It's now to the point that I feel her at several different places all at the same time- I can tell she's growing! We went to our first birthing class the other night (not at all the tv lamaze class I was expecting- it was actually lecture-style in an auditorium with about 50 people), which was, oddly enough, much more beneficial than I was anticipating. We're down to 8 weeks until my due date- that will fly by!

Ah, well, enough procrastination... I must at least make an attempt to de-clutter...

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