Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Closing Time

Today I officially stepped down as the PWOC president, and we installed Misty as the new one. I'll admit, it was a bit more emotional than I was anticipating. I was really glad today wasn't my last day there- that would have been awful! Misty has been our 1VP of Programs and will do an excellent job as the president. Her husband just got back from Iraq about 6 weeks ago, so she is in a good position to serve these ladies, as many of them just said good-bye the same week Misty's husband came home. Really, PWOC had a lot to do with me enjoying the Army; it got me integrated and connected much sooner and easier than anything else. And though my husband was home this past year, seeing how the deployed spouses supported each other gave me much hope for our next deployment.

Sunday is my last day at Kids Church. I am a little more readily giving that one up than PWOC- though I won't miss having to get up early and miss church (well, the first half of it anyway...) every Sunday morning, I will miss the kids. It took a few months to really get into the swing of it, and I feel like I am just now developing relationships with the kids and parents. Oh well, there will be more opportunities at the next place...

I have learned so much this past year being involved in the chapel ministry. More than anything, I've learned a lot about how a chapel runs- this has been invaluable to not only me, but Jonathan as well. I've learned to be more professional and formal (working so closely with senior officers demands it) and to allow for more grace. Then there's the Funds Office... this is run by Chaplain Assistants, who have a oftentimes thankless job. They will have upset folks in their office all the time when things aren't going right, but most don't even notice all the effort they put into that happening as little as possible. I have learned that giving them plenty of notice- and doing everything in my power to help- goes a long way.

I really have been so blessed to be here this year, as it was such a great learning experience. I now feel that when we go to the next place, I will be so much better equipped and prepared. There will be plenty more things to learn there- the FRG is a world largely unknown to me- so I'm glad I'm ahead of the curve in the chapel community.

It's so funny to think that, just under a year ago, we were leaving Grace. It seems like a lifetime. I had no idea what this Army life would be like; I had no idea about a lot of things! I knew it was sad to leave, but I was excited about what was ahead. I would say it's pretty much the same now. Though this chapter isn't quite closed, I'm at the point now where I'm not so much worried about board meetings, curriculum, and teacher schedules as I am the baby. That's a good place to be, I suppose.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end...

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