Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Playin it Cool

Until yesterday, we hadn't yet turned on the air conditioner in the house. (And we were darn proud of it!) It had gotten up to 80 inside (while it was 90 outside), but that was tolerable (heck, if I could justify spending the money, I'd have my house at 80 in the winter!)

But yesterday, when it got up to 82 in here, I thought, "Ok, that's it- I'll succumb to the heat and turn on the AC."

Weird thing- I didn't feel any air coming out of the vents.

It was closing in on evening by that point, though, so it got cooler anyway. You know, all the way down to 76.

Then today, I had had enough. I turned on the AC again, hoping that maybe I was just losing it from heat exhaustion yesterday when I thought I couldn't feel anything.

Nope. Still nothing.

In fact, it got HOTTER inside! I could hear the fan (or... some... loud... fanlike noise... coming from the closet...), but feel no air. Finally, I called my dad, who led me through what should be happening.

We have a problem.

Not sure yet what it is, but what we DO conclusively know is that the outside air-conditioner-unit thing (how had I never noticed a 3' by 3' by 2' box sitting in my yard?) was not running. No noise; the blades on the fan were not even attempting to move.

I'll have to call the repairman tomorrow.

The worst part is that now, knowing the AC doesn't work, it feels so much hotter in here! :(


s grady said...

Have you tried looking for a power switch for the outside air condition unit? There might be a switch with the main power box for the house or near the unit itself. I don't know if your dad mentioned anything to you about a switch to turn the unit on. I hope this information is helpful and you can maybe save money on the repairman. Maybe the retailer who sold the house to you might know something about some power switch to the unit also.

His Servant said...

Also check the breaker. There should be a double breaker for this in you service panel.