Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lessons Learned

I have many things I would like to write about, and a few posts will be coming in the next few days about my week!

But for now, I want to write about my husband.

He is absolutely wonderful.

Let me explain.

He not only listens to me, shows affection to me, and is altogether kind to me, but he also does things to make me feel special.

When I took my finals earlier this spring, I came home to freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and milk! (and if you know Jon, you know that while he is a fantastic cook, baking isn't high on his priority list...)

We got home late last night, and to celebrate him doing well on his PT (physical training) Test on Friday, we decided to order pizza (after having eaten very healthy foods for the past couple weeks...)

I went out to pick it up, and when I pulled in the driveway, he met me at the door, wearing khakis and a collared shirt. That's when I knew he was up to something.

As I got closer to the house, I could hear Nora Jones playing in the background, and he led me into the dining room.

He had changed the tablecloth, lit candles, and set out the fine china.

For our pizza.

He said he wanted to make me smile.

I write this not because last night was anything unique- in fact, quite the opposite.
Having a husband who goes out of his way to do things (even small things like bringing me chocolate when he returns from a trip) just to make me happy is an indescribable feeling.

The very first night we talked, two and a half years ago, he had just gotten done taking a marriage & family counseling course at seminary. I remember him speaking about how he was determined that the key to a happy marriage is waking up every day and thinking of something nice to do for your spouse- and do it!

We didn't even know we would date then, much less get married.

But you know what? I have met countless couples who have been married longer than I've been alive who haven't seemed to realize this yet.

What is your spouse's love language? (words of affirmation; quality time; gifts; acts of kindness; physical affection- though I am CONVINCED that food is a separate love language...)

Speak it to him or her, even if it's not the language you prefer to use.

That is my challenge to you: whether you have been married one week or fifty years, do one thing today to make your spouse feel special. To make him or her smile.

Not married? Do something kind for a friend- putting others before yourself is the key to any healthy relationship; not just marriage.

Until next time...


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Anonymous said...

Nora Jones? Isn't that like Mel Torme for young people? :)


Anonymous said...
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Jacqueline said...

Way to go Jon! I am so glad that you both have a selfless affection for one another. I to have had several times I wanted to e-mail friends and tell about something thoughtful my husband did. ( I find that the telling of a spouse's GOOD attributes is a rare thing these days). I won't brag about him here, I wouldn't want to steal Jon's thunder :) Keep it up, and I gotta go-I have chocolate chip cookies to bake!

Gala said...

So true that it takes work to keep a marriage alive. Your story gives me hope that I'll find that one day despite my track record. Hopefully, I've learned from my mistakes.

Thanks for the inspiration and God Bless You both!