Monday, May 21, 2007

Anyone wanna move here and help? :-)

I have two words for you:

Seventy-four children.

That's how many we had at Kids Church yesterday. 74.

We normally average around 50, but since we didn't meet last week, I expected around 30-35 (I hear it always drops after an off week, which held true the week after Easter).

Fortunately, I had four volunteers. A whopping four. Two of whom had never been there before yesterday, so were completely clueless (though I will say they did a great job jumping in for crowd control- one even taught a class!), and the rest of us were too busy to show them the ropes. (2 weeks ago, NO volunteers showed up- not one... I had to call 2 friends to fill in last minute, and I'm glad I did- there were 60 kids that week...)

I came home and crashed, thinking of ways the whole program can run more efficiently. It was really designed for 30-40 kids, so this is just way too many, and becomes super chaotic with that many kids. Of course, it's a great problem to have- but one that will need resolving right quickly!


Jonathan said...

You go baby!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah- we don't really have that problem...