Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Drive-In

I had a brand new experience Friday night... Jon and I went to a drive-in theater to see Pirates 3. We bundled up, loaded the cooler and the snack bag (complete with our own popcorn :-), grabbed some blankets and pillows, and drove away! It was like going on a picnic, with the added bonus of a movie! Oh, it was glorious. We set up all our goods in the back of the truck and settled in for the movie. Like all Pirates movies, it was a wee bit long and there were holes in the plotline that leave you wondering... but all in all, we enjoyed it. (Though I will say, the ending was NOT what I was expecting!)

Anyway- neither of us had ever been to a drive-in, but we will definitely be repeating the excursion... it was almost a nostalgic feeling, I think because it reminds me of going to see the fireworks in Grand Rapids on July 4th when I was growing up. It was great!

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Rachel said...

We have a drive in just down the road from our house. It's great. It's cheap, and they show either two or three movies. There have been times where it worked out perfectly. They showed a kids movie first, and then a more grown up, yet family friendly, movie second. We watched the first, and then the kids slept in sleeping bags in the back of the van after they got too tired. Your own snacks are great. Sometimes we get burgers and fries before we come, and pig out. It's great. Glad you guys had a good time!