Sunday, May 11, 2008

On this day...

This morning walking into church I was almost overwhelmed with the ache that today must be immeasurably difficult for so many people. It literally took my breath away, as I walked through the door to the sight of a bucketful of carnations and pink copies of "A Mother's Prayer" being passed out...

Today is happy for me.

It is not for many.

If you are one of those people, I am sincerely sorry. I am sorry for your loss- whether it was a wife, mother, grandmother, child, or a child never conceived. I am sorry for the insensitivity that can accompany this "holiday." I am sorry for the parade of pink and smiles you must endure.

A year ago today, we told our grandmothers that we were expecting Sophia. Jon was away in Mississippi for the week, and he emailed me a beautiful video he had recorded. I remember watching it, just feeling scared. I was only about 6 weeks along then, and the fear of miscarriage was almost crippling. I watched it sitting on my couch, crying, wondering if I would ever meet this baby.

I did. She is now 5 months old and beautiful.

I am blessed that my mother and both of my grandmothers are still alive. I am blessed that I have a godly heritage in them. I am blessed that both of Jon's grandmothers and one of his great-grandmothers are still with us- and I am saddened that I never got to know his mom. I am saddened that Sophie will never know her.

So whether today is a happy day for you or a difficult one, I hope you know that you are loved and cherished. Christ promises us that.

(And to my mom- Happy Mother's Day- I love you!)

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Rachel said...

Good post, Sara. Happy Mother's Day!