Friday, May 02, 2008

The Beach Ball

In the military, we regularly have Balls... you know, get all decked out, eat a catered dinner, make toasts, etc.

Well, in commemoration for when our Soldiers were *supposed* to be home (according to the original 12-month deployment), our Brigade hosted a Ball tonight... a Beach Ball! Instead of wearing formals, we dressed like we were going to the beach! It was a lot of fun- I met several people for the first time and hung out with some of the wives in Jon's unit.

The top pic is of me, Jenny (Jon's roommate's wife) in the middle, and... um... hm... Jessie? I think? I just met her tonight...

The bottom pic is all the wives from Jon's Battalion who were there (and a few are actually Soldiers themselves).

If you're wondering, the pink things are flip-flop shaped name tags.

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MaryLu said...

What a fun night! So glad they decided to do something to make this a fun time instead of all the wishing they were home.
Fun "Ball" idea!