Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Weekend in Numbers

Minutes we drove around on Friday before stumbling across something to do: approx. 30

Number of times we marveled at the amazing beauty on our walk through the woods (more like jungle) in South Georgia (what we stumbled upon): too many to count

Episodes of "Into the West" watched: 2

Trips to Walmart yesterday for yard supplies: 2

Hours it took to rake the yard: 2.5

Hours it SEEMED it took to rake the yard: 11

Trash bags now filled with leaves: 13
Gallons in each bag: 29
Total gallons of leaves now NOT strewn about our backyard: 377

Times I have previously raked in my whole life: 1 (though, admittedly it was at a youth group function and, truth be told, I probably wasn't the *most* helpful...)

Times I reminded Jon that I have never done anything like this before and/or told him it is *not* my favorite thing: approx. 8

Number of times I felt like giving up: approx. 8

Number of times I actually gave up: 0!! (though, there were a few "breaks"...)

Trip to the theater to see "The 300": 1

Times I saw "The 300": 0 (sold out)

Times I was glad I am no longer a teenager, as they were running, yelling, and cutting in line: too many to count

Time I went to bed last night: 10:00

Time I remembered to change the alarm clock to the new time: 10:15

Times my stomach decided all on its own to "cleanse" itself in the middle of the night: 4

Age I was when my stomach last decided all on its own to "cleanse" itself: 11

Time I got out of bed: 11:00 (the old 10:00)

Naps I have taken today: 3

Temperature outside when I sat on the deck for fresh air: approx. 75 degrees

Times I have desired to relive this weekend: 0

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