Thursday, March 22, 2007

time to say goodbye

I began this morning yet another thing that has been on my "to do" list for a long time...

I am in the process of going through all my pictures from middle and high school. It is pretty interesting, looking at glimpses of the people and things I used to hold so dear.

I have quite literally forgotten that many of those people existed... and yet, I have hundreds of pictures of them.

Some of them I saved, of course. I have two friends from high school I still keep in touch with. Two. I kept ones of them.

I also kept a couple pictures from youth group days (probably because you've been reading, Derrick...)- those really were good times.

But you know what? The overwhelming majority of them I'm outright throwing away. I suppose everyone hits that point in life, the point that you realize all those adults that told you you wouldn't be friends forever were right. I maintain that I still have Sara and Beth... which is more than most people probably do.

I'll admit, it was harder to part with college pictures. Those friends were in the more recent past, and they also were a bigger part of shaping who I am... even still, I only saved a few of the group pictures...

And THEN... there were the letters... boxes of notes from junior high (though now they just skip the paper and text message each other...)

I have moved this stuff several times; not doing it again... so we now have a cleared-out spare room if you ever want to come see us!!!

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Sara said...

sara!!!!! gina told me youre coming back for peter and gina's wedding!!! ahhhhhh! i am so glad. i have to tell you, i miss you. :) and as for that spare room.... hmmmmmm... to bad spring break is endind. ;)