Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I'm Here!!!

I am extremely happy right now.

Long story short, Jon has my laptop in Mississippi, because the power cord on his stopped working over the weekend... leaving me with a laptop that has no power and an iMac that sometimes works; sometimes doesn't.

I bought a new power cord online, but got impatient tonight and started fiddling around with the port and a straight pin... and got it working! Woohoo!! I have once again entered that beautiful web known as the internet.


I'm not sure life could get any better. Maybe I should eat an Oreo to celebrate.

On another note, I changed my name with the Social Security Administration yesterday. I read online that if you don't do it within 2 years of getting married, you need to provide "additional documentation"... and my 2nd anniversary is in 3 weeks... So not wanting to deal with that gave me the motivation I needed to head to Savannah to get it done. It feels good to check off your "to do" list something that has been hanging over your head for two years...

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