Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Sunday

I did something tonight I have not done for a LONG time: attended an after-evening-service fellowship dinner.

Now that I'm doing Kids Church, attending an evening service has become much more important. (Even though I still make it for the last 45 minutes or so of the Gospel Service after packing up Kids Church, it doesn't fulfill my need for what church should *feel* like.)

With Jon gone this week, I ventured out on my own to a local church here in Hinesville. I sat near the back, and about five minutes into the service I realized, when they all filed in late, that I had inadvertently sat in the teen section... when I looked across the auditorium and saw Misty, a new friend from PWOC, I took the opportunity to move.

After the service, she convinced me to stay for the Chili Dinner... and I'm glad I did! Okokok, so I didn't meet anyone new (other than a few people who smiled and shook my hand then promptly forgot I exist), but it was great getting to know Misty a little better. She hosted a get-together Friday night (PWOC has them monthly), and that was the first time I ever really got the chance to talk to her. This is their first Duty Station as well, and about 2 months after they got here her husband deployed. I'm looking forward to spending time with her!

And I have to admit... I'm a sucker for potlucks. I have always loved them... what can I say, I'm a casserole girl...

I also finished my first paper for my new class: American Social Problems. I can already tell this course will be WAY better than the last two...

btw... if you don't frequent it, check out my husband's blog- he just posted some picks of his trip to Vicksburg today!

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Derrick said...

YAY for potlucks!! The best thing in the world!