Sunday, March 18, 2007

random thoughts

We've had a good week.

We saw "300" the other night. It didn't end how I expected it to... shows how much I know...

Our neighbors took us to a great little restaurant called Mrs. Speed's Kitchen. It is (quite literally) in two single-wide trailers that have been (somehow) connected. The walls are that 70s brown paneling that made me feel like I was in some church basement... but the freshly caught shrimp and flounder were great!

I also bought a plane ticket to Michigan for the beginning of June... woohoo!!!

We watched "The End of the Spear" tonight- it is the story of the missionaries who were killed in the Ecuadorian jungle 50+ years ago. If you haven't seen it, you should. It is a good depiction of a familiar story, and is more quality than most Christian films tend to be.

Someone came to my site this past week from searching "house wife pics" in msn... who knew... (you can also, so I see, get here from "wwI normalcy" "your grace still amazes me" "dogface soldier" "until death do us part wow"...)

Why do I come up in searches in msn faster than google? Do any of you have any idea how that works?

That's all my tired train of thought can come up with for now... hopefully a more interesting post will follow soon...

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dzone552 said...

Hey Sara!
How goes life...I just saw 300 too...good stuff! Actually I was just in MI this past week checking up on things and spent a day with the Chilcote family! It was good times...and I do not think that Chase or Clint have any blogs, they have facebook, but other than that I am not sure. It was fun seeing them again.
So...when are you going to MI in June??? I may be out some time in June so I was just wondering.
Cool beans...hope you are having a good day...its hard keeping up with your posts...I guess I am just not a big blogger, I try but Im not very good. Anyway...have a good one.