Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Baby Pics!

Thanks for all your advice and encouragement about Sophie. It seems it is a passing stage (which I figured, but it's still nice to hear!) - she's only done it a couple times since I last posted. I have realized that she refuses water a couple times, but if I keep offering it, she eventually wakes up enough to see what it is, guzzles it down, then goes back to sleep. She drinks a lot during the day - I don't think she's dehydrated - but I suppose I wake up thirsty too!

Today we had our first appointment for the new baby! It's a long story full of the hospital not recording our appointments correctly, and me sitting there for four hours this morning... but it was worth it! The doctor actually gave up her lunch hour to see us, and even did an ultrasound!

I have been feeling better; it seems the worst is behind me. And, I can breathe a sigh of relief now. Even though I had no reason to think anything was wrong, hearing the heartbeat always helps, you know? I actually had a nightmare (yes, I would call it that...) last night of this appointment today. They were doing the exam in the waiting area in front of everyone, and the nurse was actually a drama major merely practicing the role of a nurse. She would stop to do monologues in the middle of the exam. Fortunately, even with the wait, the actual appointment went MUCH better than that! :-)

Everything looks good and on schedule - August, here we come!

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