Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Random Things

I know, I know, another one of these things. I wrote this on Facebook, but just in case we aren't "friends" (I hate saying that - "I am friends with X now," like FB seals the deal or something...), I'll post it here.

1. I rather enjoy reading other people’s “25 Things” lists. I’m a dork like that.

2. Though I typically love coffee, for some reason it seems completely unappetizing to me during the first trimester. It is starting to come back.

3. Sophia Anne is the joy of my life. I could just sit and watch her explore all day – I think watching her eat is the most fascinating thing ever! I’m such a mom.

4. I am perpetually working on my degree. Assuming they accept all my transfer credits (should know in the next month or so), I will have senior standing in a couple weeks when this course ends. Of course, it will still take a couple years to finish from here…

5. I have a secret. I will tell you tomorrow.

6. My husband and I do the “traditional” anniversary gifts – 1st was paper, 2nd was cotton, 3rd was leather, and in April we will celebrate with fruit/flowers.

7. My kids will be 20 months apart.

8. My husband and I met when I was his brother’s secretary (at a church – Josh is a pastor). Jon came up to visit for the holidays, and it’s pretty much all history from there…

9. We got married 12 weeks after we got engaged, and he left a week and a half later for Iraq. Wouldn’t recommend that.

10. I think Army wives are great, but to compare them to the show would be like comparing every hospital worker with the cast from Grey's.

11. I have played the flute since 6th grade, and I really enjoy it. I quit band after 9th grade (my parents made me stay through then), but if it weren’t for marching band, I would have continued. I still pull it out for special musics, or to play with Jon

12. When I got married I inherited 6 sisters-in-law and 8 brothers-in-law.

13. I worked at Pine Ridge Bible Camp in Cedar Springs, Michigan for several years in various capacities. The people I met there shaped my life tremendously.

14. I went to Guyana, South America in high school and Hungary in college. I haven’t traveled overseas since then, but would love to. The next time Jon deploys and I don’t have a newborn I plan to go… somewhere…

15. PWOC is what made me not hate the Army. It continues to be a very important thing in my life.

16. My sister has two girls and my brother has two boys. I’m hoping my kids split.

17. I don’t understand how people live without wireless.

18. I love holidays. Christmas is by far my favorite, but I am ridiculously looking forward to heart-shaped sugar cookies this weekend and have already started listening to what I deem an “Easter” cd.

19. To piggyback on #18, Jon says I am a lot like my grandma, who also has an infatuation with holidays. Every time we go to their house he says he understands me more. He also says that I am much more like my mom than my dad, though I when I was in high school I assumed the opposite just because I like to talk.

20. My hometown is the Red Flannel Underwear Capital of the World. Not even kidding.

21. I am a firm believer in letting kids cry it out.

22. I am also a firm believer that food is a love language.

23. Indelible Grace is my favorite music. They’re not really a band, but a group of people who make CDs together. They take songs from the Reformation and put them to new music. If you’ve never heard of them, you should look them up on iTunes right now.

24. I would take The Colbert Report over The Daily Show any day.

25. I joined Facebook the day after Jon left for Iraq last spring so I would have something to fill those first few lonely days. It worked.


Lori McDonald said...

I soooo love number ten!!!!!

And I can't wait to hear the secret!!! Nice to see you back to blogging!!!

Lori M

Hannah Callaway said...

LOVE Indelible grace!!! Hope you and your sweet family are doing well!