Thursday, February 12, 2009

Movin' on up!

In the Army, every time you're up for move (PCS), you fill out preference sheet, or, as is commonly called, a "dream sheet." A few months ago Jon and I carefully filled it out, weighing where we would like to live geographically with what he would like to do - and open slots.

Fast forward to last week. Jon got the call. I had never heard of the place.

Think it was on our dream sheet? ;-)

So, once again, "the needs of the Army" trumped our "dreams"... BUT... it is actually really great!!!

Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. It is much closer to family (8 hours to the closest, instead of 15 like here), further north (better seasons!), and, the best part... (drumroll please...) it's non-deployable! Jon will be with an AIT Battalion (Advanced Individual Training - it's where Soldiers learn to do their "job" in the Army after Basic Training).

I can hear your protests already. You, like many of our friends and family, may be wondering if the Army is going to do what it has done so many times before: change its mind.

Well, possibly. Of course, we can't rule that out. That said, we are further along in this process than we have ever been. The whole Ft. Leonard Wood thing? That was nothing more than a phone call. We have this in official writing.

Oh... one other thing... it's an "immediate fill" - we leave in 6 weeks! Good thing we didn't buy a house this time! :-)


Rachel said...

I've been to Redstone Arsenal before. Chris and I went to Huntsville a year or so ago to see my cousin perform in an opera there. Since we were so close, we drove to the Arsenal to have a look around. I remember they had some really nice housing on post. I hope you like it there. Huntsville is pretty cool. You can go to space camp! :)


Greg said...

I did my Marine Corps advanced and NCO training at Redstone Arsenal. This brings up great memories. It is a neat base and you will like Huntsville.


Dawn said...

What will he be teaching?
Once you get there and settled I will send you a map and directions to a beautiful little area just north of Huntsville. It is south & east of Pulaski Tennessee where my mom was born & raised. way out in the boonies off the beaten path is a beautiful little waterfall, and the 2 roomed school house is over the river and down the road a piece. a good time to go would be when the fall colors are in full bloom! I still have family there.
my mom went to school with the lady who lived at the falls.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you both. Is this a 3 year assignment?
My really good friend lives about 30m minutes from there and is really great. I will have to link you two together. I miss visiting with her and our fun times together too so it would be neat if you both got together for me. Anyway I hope the quick move goes well to. Take care.
Praying for you,