Sunday, March 23, 2008

Today is a holiday!

And not just Easter...


If you followed our first deployment journey, you may remember that I celebrated the 15th of each month as marking another month down. I did something different every time, but it always was an event!

This time, it's the 23rd. And, hopefully, it's actually a little less than 5 to go right now... but we all know how timelines can change!

Since it was Easter, we just doubled up on our holiday celebrations! After church I went out to lunch with some friends. I came home and chatted with Jon, watched Army Wives, and am now watching War Stories on Fox News. Tonight's episode centers on the 3rd Infantry Division, which is who Jon is with. I also, incidentally, watched Iraq for Sale today- very interesting perspective- I'd definitely recommend it.

To be honest, I almost feel like I shouldn't make a big deal out of each month. I mean, 1 Down, Less Than 5 To Go? Seems barely worth mentioning. I mean, Jon's brigade has been in country since LAST MAY. 6 months is so small. Of course, Marines and Sailors do 6 month rotations all the time! It's all relative, I suppose...

Anyway... I shall still celebrate- so, Happy 1 Down Day!!!!

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