Monday, March 03, 2008

Out of the loop...

So, to divert my attention from Jon leaving, last weekend I sold out.


I joined Facebook.

But, alas and alack, it has been quite fun! I've connected with friends I haven't talked to or seen in years. Some I had forgotten exist.

Anyway- that trip down memory lane has gotten me thinking of my Moody Days, which led to a disconcerting discovery:



Seriously, folks. Our beloved Dr. Joseph M. Stowell the Third (referred to by loving students as Dr. J) has gone to Cornerstone University as THEIR president. I feel betrayed.

I knew he left a couple years after I did to pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel, where his son ministers. That's cool. I can handle that.

No offense, Cornerstonians (is that what you're called? I made it up)... but Dr. J will always be a Moody fixture.

On that note, how the heck does Michael Easley have his own Wikipedia article, and the highly revered Stowell doesn't? It's an outrage.

ETA: Ok, so I Googled it, and it only happened a month ago. Still...


Megan said...

Hey Sara! I was shocked too - when JMS left, I thought he was done for good. I talked with my old boss who was his first assistant and she said that he just missed being with the kids and after three years, he felt refreshed again and wanted to use his gifts that he didn't feel he was using to their fullest as teaching pastor - but still - I agree that he'll always be connected in my mind as Moody's president. I'm just hoping that he'll have his chapels online like Rex did so I can hear him speak again - nothing like a good Dr. Stowell message!

Nozal Family said...

I'm sure Stowell's messages will be a lot more interesting than Rex's. I went to CU and I saved all my chapel skips for when he spoke cuz he was so boring!