Monday, March 24, 2008

3 Things

1. Tonight I went to an installation-wide volunteer reception. It was ok, nothing too exciting. Well, until the end when we all lit our Christmas Eve-ish candles while they played some cheesy secular country "Thank You for Giving to the Lord." That part made me laugh. Several friends were there, though, so that made it worth the time!

2. I registered for my next session of classes. Ugh. Western Philosophy, cool. Environmental Science, not cool. I haven't been in a science class since 10th grade biology, which I slept through. There is a reason I'm a sociology major. I figure this is the most applicable science, so hopefully it will be tolerable at least. The syllabus points to much more work than should be in a 100-level course. At the end of this term in May, I will have 78 credits, only 52 to go. Yeah, only.

3. One of our brigades is coming home in the next couple weeks! Many of my friends have husbands in this brigade, and a couple are FRG leaders- everyone is all abuzz with reunion plans! I love listening to them talk about all the stuff they're doing- of course, they're totally stressed & busy, but it's great to watch!! :-) I'm just waiting for that railroad behind our house to start carrying fighting vehicles back to post!!

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