Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Summer Blahs

Ugh! You thought the winter blahs were bad? I'm so sick of summer!

This past week or so, I have found myself longing (even more than normal) for crisp fall days. For caramel apples, bonfires, and sweaters.

I realized why.

It was as hot here in April as it is in Michigan in June. So, according to my internal body thermometer, it's about time for September. It's been warm long enough, summer should be wrapping itself up.

(today, it's 94, and according to weather.com, "feels like 104")

I opened a box yesterday, only to find my autumn decorations. *sigh*...

It didn't help any that last year when we were up north for the holidays, it was warm enough to wear a light jacket and keep the door open. At Thanksgiving AND Christmas. (of course, they were getting blizzards in April...)

It also doesn't help that I can't actually wear summer clothing. You see, down here they keep the air conditioning at ridiculously low temperatures... if I wear a short sleeved shirt (with JEANS, mind you), I have to bring a jacket because the buildings are too cold. By "buildings," I mean any structure other than my house. Church, stores, homes, everything (for example, the chapel is kept at 64; our house is at 78). It's almost unbearable. It's like an oven for the few seconds between my car and their door, but then I'm nice and comfy.

You know, as much as I loathe cold weather, one would think I would love summer.

To console myself, I've got Harry Connick, Jr.'s Christmas cd on right now...


Anonymous said...

You crack me up. :) Your logic about your internal temperature makes sense!
But why is it buildings (not our church, mind you!) such as restaurants, etc., keep the buildings so chilly?

Megan said...

Sara, I'm totally feeling your pain!! It's not been extremely hot here, as I'm sure it is there for you, but I am wishing fall were here so badly! It's easily my favorite time of year....and I'm just hoping that summer goes by quickly or that cooler temps creep up on us all! But hang in there, my season sister! :-) Thankfully we know that it WILL come eventually! (Oh! And great taste with the Harry Connick....another one of my faves, I must say!! )