Thursday, July 19, 2007

Curves, Cravings, and Clothes

As I wrote last time, I went to the doctor earlier this week to discuss how my scoliosis (three curves in my spine and uneven hip) could affect the pregnancy. The doctor literally apologized to me for making me drive over 2 hours round-trip for him to not be able to do anything. He looked at my xrays, looked at me, and said, "You'll probably have pain, but maybe not. If you do, take Tylenol. There really isn't anything else we can do." I just looked at him. Exercises? Shoes? Brace? (These were things my ob/gyn suggested) Nope. Probably a belly brace in the third trimester, but other than that, there's nothing anyone can do to prevent or help the pain. He was really nice and didn't make me feel dumb for being there or anything (unlike other doctors I have seen in the past), but it was still a disappointment! Ah well, at least I know...

Several people have asked me if I've craved anything. Yesterday I met several of the PWOC women at the park for lunch, and one of them even brought an extra pickle just in case! Though considerate, I enjoy dill pickles no more now than I did before. I have, however, eaten three whole watermelons (Jon doesn't like them) since I got pregnant. Craving? Eh, probably just that I love watermelon! (I literally chop it in half and grab a spoon!) My new thing is potato chips and dip. Again, I don't think it's a craving so much as it is that we NEVER have such things in the house, so it's quite a treat that I bought them!

Lastly, at 16 weeks, I am at that dreaded point where I am too big for my clothes, but too small for maternity. Thank goodness for pajama pants! :-)


Anonymous said...

I craved watermelons with Lila. Same thing...cut them in half and dove right in.


Anonymous said...

I do that too. Maybe I'm a prego.


Anonymous said...

So, all three of my children eat watermelon with a spoon!


Heather said...

Hello! I have been meaning to comment you back for a few days now! I am so happy to meet you. And btw, I loved being pregnant... even in the summertime!:)

Kat said...

My first kid, it was ORANGE JUICE. Just HAD to have ORANGE JUICE all the time... big, tall glasses of orange juice.

Kid number two was apple juice, I think.

Kid three was blueberries... anything and everything with blueberries... especially pancakes.

Kid four (and yes, the final!)... I don't really remember any certain cravings with him. Just being sick alot. Apparently (for me, anyway) having a kid at 30 was WAY different form having a kid at 20 (which was, comparitively, a breeze).

sending prayers & hugs y'alls way!

Anonymous said...

haha, i eat watermelon the same way. i love them!! hope all is going well with you and mr fisher and the baby! we start school on the 13th =(. maybe you guys could come see one of our volleyball games if you get a chance.