Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fall Festival

Alright, so I need your help. I'm beginning the brainstorming of this Fall Festival...

What carnival games did you like as a kid (or your kids like)? I'm trying to come up with ones for which I wouldn't have to build things such as a clown that you can throw bean bags through... think "laying around the house" or "Walmart." Here's my list so far:

face painting
painting mini pumpkins (ok, I admit... this is in itself the reason I'm doing this whole shindig...)
bucket bonanza
ring toss
duck pond
cake walk
moonwalk (the big inflatable bouncy thing... I can rent one from the post)
football throw

Any ideas??


His Servant said...

Sara- my kids always enjoy the fishing game and the sucker tree (You/they cut out a tree form and drill out small holes in the "leaves" for a dum dum sucker stick. Color some ends with red...those win a special prize...the others keep their sucker) Maybe a bowling game? You go girl!


LeahBrianne said...

Bobbing for apples, and I always loved the one where you threw the darts at the balloons and if you popped 3 in a row, you won a prize...