Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My week

Wow! What a week and a half! Rachel over at tagged me for a meme... but after seeing what it was I think I'm going to have to contemplate it a little! So... once I get wireless at more than Panera, I shall attend to that. For now, here are some highlights from our trip thus far:

~ Getting to spend some time at my parents (and having a great Mexican meal!)- I'm headed back there tomorrow

~ Hanging out at Jon's dad's... never a boring experience, as some of you well know! Zachary even planned a picnic in the backyard for us all (he set up the table and chairs and everything!), and after finally getting the grill assembled, we had a great picnic. I think my favorite part was when he started getting on our case because we needed to help him clean up because it was going to rain. He was quite urgent in letting us know that the rain was coming and we needed to hurry... of course, we didn't... until no more than two minutes later when we started getting wet...

~ Seeing some of the history of downtown Benton Harbor with Jon's brother Ben as our tour guide. It is actually quite sad the way the town has fallen.

~ Getting together with my siblings and their kids for dinner Thursday. I had been looking forward to the lasagna for days, and it didn't let me down!

~ Doing the same thing the next night with Jon's side. We ended the evening with a bonfire and had a great time!

~ Getting to connect with some friends from Pine Ridge Bible Camp (where I worked for several years) while Jon went golfing with his brothers

~ Pete and Gina's wedding!!! I remembered to bring my camera... unfortunately, I left it in the car and didn't get any pictures... doh! It was such an honor being able to help out with the ceremony, and I couldn't be happier for them as they begin their new life!!

~ Going to church at Kent City... ah... like a breath of fresh air...

~ Okok, so the worst part was sending Jon back down home... all good things must come to an end...

~ That night I went to Andrea's and hung out with her and the girls- Lila beat me at Chutes and Ladders, and Iris was busy busy busy packing for her first camp experience!

~ Monday I spent all day on a trip down Memory Lane with Sara and Beth. They put a ton of work into planning the day for me, and it was really cool. We went to a ton of our old haunts and reminisced as we visited each. Though my life has really moved on since most of those places, it was cool being able to spend that time with them, as they have transcended my high school life and are still a part of it.

~ Staying up way past my bedtime with Matt (my brother) and Carrie that night... And seeing the boys in their element on their new slide and with their trucks!

~ Getting together with most of my mom's side of the family last night and this morning. I was able to write a lot of family history from my grandparents, which was really neat. I look forward to being able to pass it on to my kids!

That's it for now... I still have a couple more stops before I take off on Saturday...

Until next time!


Nozal Family said...

when you worked at Pine Ridge did you know Candy, David, or Kevin Sherd? Also, just so you know who I am, I went to school and church with Jon in Reed city in high school. I'm Lindsey

Sara said...

Hi Lindsey! No, I don't think I knew them. Though, for the first few years I was there I pretty much only knew the high school staff, and I didn't work every week. I would have been there (in some form) from 1998-2004. When were they there?