Saturday, June 02, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

(Because of my "gift" for remembering trivial statistics and dates,) I just figured out that Jon and I have been to the airport 14 times, dropping the other off or picking the other up. Fourteen times. (That doesn't even include saying goodbye in a field when he deployed- or hello in a parking lot when he redeployed.)

You know how many times we have actually BOTH gotten on the plane and gone to the same place? Zero. For all those trips to the airport, one of us has always traveled alone.

Talk about a long-distance relationship.

Yes, this coming Monday is quite a big event. We are going to the airport WITHOUT having to say goodbye! (though... he will be coming home a week before me, but since his brothers will be taking him to the airport, we won't count it...)

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Rachel said...

I know you're gone right now, but I've tagged you for a meme. :)