Thursday, April 12, 2007

Our Anniversary Trip

We had a fantastic time in Charleston!!

We left Saturday morning and headed up the three hours to Charleston, South Carolina. It is one of the oldest cities in America, so it has a lot of historical significance.
On Saturday night, we went out for dinner with a friend of Jon's from CHOBC and his friend. We had an absolutely lovely time catching up with him, meeting her, and walking about the city!

Sunday morning we were determined to find a good church for our Easter Service! We found one that we were really excited about and got there ON TIME, only to realize that they only had an evening service... figures... we did find another service to attend and enjoyed it for what it was.

That afternoon we went to Fort Sumter. It is an island that was built as a defense in the Civil War. It is interesting because it was occupied by the North, then the South, then the North... can you even fathom all the history of that small little plot of land? Being an island, we had to take a ferry across... and boy was it cold!! (notice the picture of me huddled trying to keep out of the wind...)

After that we toured the Yorktown, the oldest Naval aircraft carrier still afloat today. Aside from a minor claustrophobic near-breakdown in the depths of the engine room, it was quite enjoyable!

It was really neat seeing the exhibits about the chaplaincy on the ship. The picture of Jon standing in a room is actually the chapel room itself- there is a picture hanging to the left of him of the chaplain doing a service in the same room. It made us feel a part of that heritage of ministering to members of the military- whether it's to soldiers, sailors, marines, or airmen- it's all ministry.

The whole weekend was wonderful. We stayed at a cabin at a campground (can you believe I went three days without wifi?) It was fully equipped with a bathroom and kitchen (including pots/pans and dishes!) Now that's what I call camping! Monday morning I accidentally locked us out of the house. We were enjoying our morning coffee on the screened-in porch overlooking the river, and the door was one of those that opens from the inside even when it's locked (I HATE that!) We found one unlocked window on the side of the house... we pulled the picnic table over and Jon hoisted me through. Only me, only me...

Enjoy the pics!

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Amy Maxwell said...

Glad you had a great anniversary. We celebrated my birthday last year at Charleston. The kids loved Fort Sumter. We'll have to tour the Yorktown when I finish CHOBC. (Now called CH-BOLC)

Thanks for the photos. A nice reminder.