Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Life I Lead...

I spent the morning brushing up on my Army Wife Handbook. Though I don't need all the information now, I like to keep abreast of what's in it so I can remember to refer to it when needed. And the more Army experiences I have, the more that the things in the book make sense... It includes everything from Introductions (as in how-to), all sorts of correspondence etiquette, Coffees and Teas (which are quite different, by the way), seating charts, military weddings, funerals, roles of the wife of different ranks/positions, appropriate attire for various situations, etc- it's a must-have for any Army wife!

On a somewhat related note, I was named PWOC's President for next year! (If you don't remember, PWOC stands for Protestant Women of the Chapel- it's the Bible Study/ Wives Group I have been attending.) I am really excited about the opportunity and the chance to serve. And Misty (the one I talked about in my post about the Chili Dinner) is First Vice President of Programs, so it should be great to work with her. I was so honored that I was asked, though the task still seems a bit daunting!

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