Friday, March 13, 2009

Closing this chapter...

So it seems I'm not much of a blogger anymore. What can I say, life gets busy. Sophie is running all over the place (literally), my class ended, Jon is clearing Hunter Army Airfield. Our living room is adorned with boxes, and we will be moving in the two weeks!

These next couple weeks will be full of goodbyes. The nice thing in the Army is that it's usually, "Well, see ya around!" We both know that may or may not happen. But it MAY. So why go through the emotion of saying goodbye?

I did have an interesting experience this last week. I went back to PWOC at Ft. Stewart, the place where it all began for me. I went to PWOC before Jon even started his official orders when we moved to Hinesville. Those women are what gave me a good attitude toward the Army and a place to belong.

Things, of course, have changed. They now meet at the new chapel. About 75% of the women who went two years ago when I started have moved on. As I was standing talking with someone before the meeting started, the greeter came up to welcome me on my first time.

I think the most encouraging part was seeing the women in leadership. Two years ago, if you would have told them what would happen, they would have never believed it! They had never done anything like it and started out in "behind the scenes" jobs. How awesome! They have stepped out of their comfort zones and are doing a great job serving the group at Ft. Stewart. The President right now, Brandie, was actually one of the first people I met there. She was standing beside the greeter at the time, helping her. The following year she was the greeter herself, and this year she is the President. That's one of the great things about PWOC - it gives people a chance to develop and grow in a safe environment. I know it did that for me.

I am quite a sentimental person. Jon never understands why I have this need for closure when I leave a place, why I can't just leave and be done with it. He has accepted it, mind you, but he is not the same way! Being back there brought back a lot of memories, a lot of thoughts. When I first walked into PWOC just over two years ago, I was new to the Army life. I was just starting to get to know my husband and Sophia was not yet a thought.

It was fitting to go back, to see how it has changed. To see how the new women who have moved in have stepped up, keeping the group going. And when they're gone, there will be a new group. You know, that's why I really don't miss it. Nothing is ever the same when you go back, especially in the Army. Still, the women I met at Fort Stewart last year will forever be a part of my life.

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mel said...

"That's one of the great things about PWOC - it gives people a chance to develop and grow in a safe environment. I know it did that for me."

This is my experience as well.
So you're in AL now? Are you on their board? I'll be at SE's Leadership Weekend next weekend at Fort Benning. Will you?

Just checking going through a long list of google searches for "PWOC blog" to see who all is out there!