Monday, March 16, 2009

On their 35th...

Today is my parents' 35th anniversary - what an accomplishment! Though I would love to claim credit for this video, my dad made it for my mom. It, of course, displays his humor, but is very sweet all the same! :-)

I am very privileged to have had a great example of marriage growing up. I know my own is better off for it. Happy anniversary, Mom & Dad!



Megan said...

Sara, that's so sweet. Tears welled up in my eyes, especially with that song in the background! What a blessing to have parents who stuck together so long - a great example.

Lori McDonald said...

How awesome was that!!!!

And you were such a cutie when you were little!!!


PS - hope packing is going well - Andrew's been assigned to the advance party - so he is leaving REALLY soon!!

Anonymous said...

That's really cool! Congrats to your parents! My dad wouldn't know where to find old pic's without my mom finding out, let alone even turn on the computer and know how to put together a video like that! Sweet! :)

Timotheos said...

Great job!! Don't you just love some of the old styles that were pictured? They just had to crack you up. Congratulations to your Mom and Dad.

jenelle said...

congrats Dan & Cheryl - thanks for sharing all those great pictures of Andrea that she would never let us see