Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wedding pics

First of all- she got it! My friend will be flying to China tomorrow! Please continue to keep her in your prayer as she begins this new ministry!

Well, we're down to single digits! I have everything I need to do broken down into days so the few days before Jon gets home I can pretty much relax. I just have a little more to do tonight then I can cross today off! I have realized that, since having a baby, I have had to be MUCH more organized with my time. This week has been especially hard, as Jon has essentially nothing to do... except chat online with me! I LOVE it- don't get me wrong- it's just hard to get my to-do list done! :-) So, my most productive hours of late have been between about 9pm and 1am. Oh well, I tend to be a night owl anyway!

Here are some more pics from the wedding, from my sister-

my brother Matt and sister Andrea

The whole fam, minus Jon. Gotta love those semi-posed shots where 4 different people are holding up cameras and no one knows where to look or when to smile...

the happy couple...

1 comment:

Beth said...

I really miss you, Sara!

That picture of you and Soph-Mc-Sophster is so great!!! (And it makes me miss the two of you more...) I'm so excited about Jon's homecoming, and I'll be thinking of you that day.

Did you pick out your tiara yet for the welcome home ceremony? ;)

Love you!!