Saturday, July 19, 2008

I'm baaaack!

I'm home! We got home on Wednesday after a LONG three days on the road... thanks to the good people at Firestone in Louisville and a night with the Mobleys, the car has a brand-new battery and is working great! :-)

Much to update on... for now, here's the current:

Sophie can wave! Grandma Dee says she her hand gestures look like Uncle Ben... but sssh! Don't tell Dad! :-)

Speaking of Dad..... he will be home in the next couple weeks! Woohoo!!!

My class ends this week (perfect timing!), so I'm working on a 4-page book review (just read the book this weekend) and have a final exam this week. Busy busy!

And, because it's what you mostly care about- here are some pics... notice there are actually two albums you can click on at the top- Sophie 6m with Cousins and IN/MI Part 2 (I REALLY need to work on making the site look better... bear with me for now and just look at the pictures! :-) I didn't get the family site rebuilt like I wanted to, but I have at least started loading pics on the photo site, so I don't have to put them all here. Enjoy!

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Lori McDonald said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound!!! Being thinking about you and Sophie!!!