Monday, November 05, 2007

Pics from Savannah

My parents came in for a few days last week. They bought tickets for last weekend's Nascar race in Atlanta last year when we were living near there- about 5 miles from the track, actually. But, as is our lives, we moved four hours south right after they bought the tickets... but, hey, what's another 4 hours after driving 10 to get to a car race, right?

We had a great time with them here. We spent one day walking around Savannah and ending with a seafood buffet... what a great way to enjoy coastal Georgia! Right on the river is this section of shops and restaurants- including THREE candy shops! Gotta love free samples! Here are a few pics, especially for those of you who have yet to see me pregnant...

And if that weren't proof enough...


Lori McDonald said...

WOW!!! Look at the belly!!!! How exciting for you - all three!!!!!

Thanks for sharing the photos!!!

I just asked Jon the other day how was baby!!!


Carolyn said...

You look sooo adorable. I'm so sorry I've not called you back, I'll call this weekend.

mel said...

hey, it's melinda. i've been asked to "tag" people and ask them to blog about 8 random things we might not know about you. then you're supposed to tag others, and so on. have fun! great pics, by the way! hope all is going well.

you can use my blog as an example.