Monday, February 20, 2006

a story of two girls

once upon a time there were two girls. these girls had no particular reason to be extraordinary friends. they had only three things in common... they shared the same name, the same homeroom, and the same commitment to Christ.

the girls were 13 years old. they had become casual friends in homeroom, then one day, they decided to take their friendship to the next level- one girl came to the other's house for the night. they talked about everything lovely... from boys (more specifically, the loves of their lives- since at 13 they of course knew who they would marry) to the blueberry cheesecake they feasted upon, to boys, and everything else that matters in the life of a 13-year-old girl... well... mostly boys.

several months later, they decided to celebrate turning 14 together. the girls' birthdays were a mere 6 days apart, so they had all their friends over for a memorable evening.

the girls' friendship grew and developed over the next few years. they shared in all of high school's ups and downs... learning to drive, dances, football and basketball games, trips to taco bell, summers, classes with perpetually ridiculous teachers, and finally, graduation. when people would ask the girls what their future plans were, they were astonished to realize the girls would be moving apart.

but still... graduation didn't mark the end of their friendship. they each moved away, and they each moved back home.

after a couple years, one girl got married. her friend could not have been happier for her.

then... less than a year later, the other girl decided she would get married too.

so tonight the girls sat, after 10 years of life. they still talked about boys... except this time, the men of interest were those that had also promised their lives to them, and the subject matter was much different. they spoke of that night, 10 years prior... and how they just knew that they would sit in another 10 years... probably with kids, and absolutely with entirely different lives...

the girls will soon be moving apart, and it makes them sad. but they know that, no matter how long they go between visits, they will always be friends.

thanks for 10 years, sara... here's to another...

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