Monday, February 20, 2006

long time to get back here

so... it's been a while. i suppose not much has been going on...

friday we had no power at church because of an ice storm, so i got the day off work! i felt like i was a kid again, with a snow day and all. the fun soon ended... i went in on saturday for 5 hours to finish the bulletin. *sigh*... oh well...

i sent in my application to moody's distance learning program last week. i am only 9 credits away from an associate's degree... unfortunately, since the only online associates they offer is in biblical studies (my on-campus major was evangelism & discipleship) i may have to complete MANY more than that. we shall see. at least then, if i decided to transfer and finish, it would be easier to transfer the degree than individual courses.

that's all the update for now... i am being beckoned to make pancakes with katelyn for breakfast... have a great day!

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