Friday, November 18, 2005

two great things

remember in the last post when i said i have purposed to be jolly? i'm proud to say that i'm being rather successful. everyone at work is already annoyed with the amount of christmas music i've listened to...must be doing something right! tonight katelyn and i are watching "elf"- i strongly recommend it. "there are a few things you should know about new york: 1) if you find gum on the street, leave it. it's not free candy. ... 3) if you see a sign that says "peep show," that does not mean they're letting you look at the presents before christmas." what wonderful words of wisdom from santa.

last night i went to an adoption meeting thing with amy. it was fabulous. it made me want to adopt internationally! they had 3 families share their stories. the coolest was this family that has 11 kids in 14 years- the oldest, the youngest, and one toward the middle are the only biological. they have 6 different cultures represented in their family. 2 of the oldest boys- who are now 30 years old- were there and shared their side of it. that was really neat, to see it from the perspective of an adult who was adopted. the theme of the evening was how to integrate the child's birth culture into his/her life and the whole family. they had some really great practical suggestions. they offered tips on not only incorporating food, clothing, or simple phrases into daily life, but also to volunteer to teach your child's class about his/her birth country, or to have an "adoption day" every year commemorating the day the child was brought into the family. then, we ate food from the three countries their adoption agency works with- china, guatemala, and russia. i quite enjoyed it.

so, my two recommendations for the day: 1) watch "elf." 2) adopt internationally. (hey, one out of two ain't bad...)

oh, a few more quotes for the road... "i like smiling. smiling's my favorite." "i'm just happy to meet another human who shares my affinity for elf culture." "have you seen these toilets? they're ginormous!"


China Dreaming said...

Actually the family has 13 children altogether. Yeah, they are one up on the Fishers, geez. :-) I am glad you enjoyed the adoption meeting. For some reason last night, I thought you said you watched Alf, not Elf. Funny, huh. . . Loving all the ELF quotes!!! It is a wonderful heartwarming Christmas movie. Now Katelyn is gonna be singing her yearly renditions of Santa Clause is Coming to Town.

Christopher Weeks said...


wait a minute, it is a movie of utter corruption! I am trying to teach my kids cultural etique and then I watched it because of your recommendation and now all my hard training is recked. They are burping machines, how can I take them to grandma's house for Thanksgiving?

How could you do this to me?

From a desperate father!!