Wednesday, November 02, 2005

the collision

what a week. sunday afternoon, i was just laying down for a nap when i got an email from jon saying that he'd been in an accident and had broken his face in 2 places. he said he was ok, but "ok" could mean a million things- everything from "i'm in no pain but have minor injuries" to "i'm not dead." i had no idea where his "ok" fell in the continuum. i knew that i was only moments away from total breakdown, so i ran out the door to josh & amy's house. (josh is jon's bro) i ran in the door and up the stairs to amy, and just said... "jon got hurt." she grabbed me and hugged me. my mind was racing- what happened? how bad is it? i went over to email him back- a thought that hadn't occured to me when i first got the email. i was in the middle of doing this (well, mostly staring blankly at the screen- where do you begin?) when the phone rang. amy looked at the caller id and handed it to me. "us government." my heart sank. in this split second a thousand things went through my mind. i knew he at least was alive, otherwise military personnel would make a personal appearance. i did, however, think that it may have been them informing me that the accident was serious. then i realized that they wouldn't call josh & amy's house. yes, all of this flashed through my mind in the amount of time it took me to answer the phone.

i was rather relieved to hear jon's voice at the other end. i told him i had gotten his email. come to find out, his accident was a soccer accident. he went to head the ball, and headed someone else's head instead... it was very serious nonetheless. he broke his left cheekbone in two places. you know where your cheekbone curves out? his is a dent.

after 2 surgeries, much pain, and finally some apple juice, he is on the road to recovery.

it's weird, having a husband in the hospital in iraq, and not being able to be there. we have gotten to email and call several times, which has been great. the doctor said that if the hit had been much higher, it would have hit his temple...which would have made it a lot more serious. as bad as it is, i'm thanking God that it wasn't ten times worse.


~Chaille~ said...

I'm glad to hear that he is doing well. What a scary that most of been for you. I hope you are enjoying yourself other wise. Take care and God bless.

Sara said...

holy cow, i was worried as I read it and then is sank in a pwww, when it was just soccer accident.. man girl, you are tough....or at least you ahve accepted the grace of God to sustain you ( which might even mean you are tougher)... i miss you. I still feel terrible about missing lunch. i will be home for thanksgiving and will be in your office if i have to tatoo my forehead and sleep in your office! Im serious. I hope you are well. I miss you and the level of honesty and truth you bring into my life is missed... thanks sara. Have a good week.