Sunday, April 26, 2009

The World of Kevin (updated)

Sorry - it seems I wasn't super clear - there is a separate photo page with 20 or so new photos - click the link at the word "here" in the following sentence:

I posted new photos
here! Some are from Easter, some are from various other times. Sorry about the photo page title - I forgot to change it from the iWeb prefab.

Here are just a couple...


Megan said...

Sara, Sophie is so sweet! I love the pictures. Just so you know, I have a return email coming your way....I am piecing it together just like you did! :) I love communicating with other moms who understand things like this!

Lori McDonald said...

Holy Gravy - she is getting sooo big!!!! And so pretty!!!!!!!!


I miss you guys.... not like I saw you very much when you lived here - but now that you are gone - it isn't the same!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures you posted!!! Your little girl is getting so big!!!

Hope all is well.