Friday, April 10, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama!

We made it! (Ok, so that statement is 3 weeks late...)

You know, I LOVE moving to new places. Ask me in 15 years, I'll probably have a different perspective, but right now, it's great. It probably also helps that this was a good move for us - closer to family, non-deployable, etc. Still, it has been a great experience!

The new house is wonderful! 3 beds, 2 bath, 2 car garage, covered patio, family room AND living room, HUGE kitchen, tons of storage, over 2000 square feet - totally spoiling me! The houses here were recently renovated and are not very indicative of what Army housing is usually like - which is one of the reasons we decided to live on post here! (It helps that the Commissary is quite large too!)

Redstone is a beautiful area - Huntsville is not IN the mountains, but it's very hilly and the border of the town seems to be a few mountains. I can't wait for the fall!! When most people hear "Alabama" they think Southern AL - but where we are is on the Tennessee border - we're just a couple hours from Nashville. Gorgeous!

After being here for all of about 48 hours, we exchanged the U-Haul for a rental car and headed north! We had a great time seeing family - we actually got the entire Fisher family together for a day! As you can see, it's quite the crowd! Sophie had a great time with all her cousins (and aunts & uncles & Poppy too...) :-)

It was a quick trip, but we did get to see my parents, siblings, one set of grandparents, and Jon's grandmother and great-grandmother as well. And let me tell you, the 8-hour trip to my parents makes the whole thing MUCH easier to handle than the 15-hour one!

Much else has happened, too. I went to PWOC this past week - everyone was very welcoming. The group size is somewhere between Hunter and Stewart - about 20 women probably. Of course, here they have 3 separate meeting times (but child care at only one, hence my decision to go to that one!) We have a park about a block away that we visit every few days, much to Sophie's delight. Jon signed in to his unit - it is VERY different here from the last one!

Well, that at least catches me up, so I don't have this "need to write a blog post" hanging over my head. Maybe now I can write something more interesting! I did realize yesterday that it is still like February in my mind. It's April? How did THAT happen? Goes to show I've been a bit out of it lately...


Anonymous said...

You used a lot of exclamation points.


Sara said...

I was trying to cram a month's worth of excitement into one post - what do you expect?

~joanne said...

You make moving sound so house, new parks, new everything! Enjoy the 'discovery' of the new area.

Next post...unpacking....

Sara said...

We're pretty much unpacked, and I have to say - it wasn't that bad! I sorted and organized BEFORE we packed, so the unpacking went quite well! Much better than the last move, when the movers packed us (which basically meant throwing things haphazardly - but well wrapped, mind you - in boxes).

~joanne said...

I remember when my Dad & Mom moved up here. The movers packed everything...and again well wrapped!
They even packed a bag of garbage...which seems crazy to me but they aren't there to sort your garbage from valuable things!I'm sure they had LOTS more than you. They had 16+ years of 'treasures'!

Lori McDonald said...

Gla to hear that you all made it safe and sound! I kept checking every day to see!!!!

Hope you are all well!!!


Anonymous said...

Sara, in answer to your question, I expect you to end the majority of sentences with a period! The over use of the exclamation point takes away the sense of excitement! If you use an exclamation point a lot, I question if you were even excited at all, or if you are trying to create "fake excitement"!

It is late and I am tired! Can you tell?!


Anonymous said...

SAB comment section is like a microcosm of mainstream news. If we don't get a real controversy to discuss, we'll create one to keep it interesting. You quit giving us topics like MLK, religion, & international relations and we end up with exclamationpointgate.

Though credit to AJ, the "aj!" was classic.


Anonymous said...

OK, I'm not sure, but I think, I'm qualified to discuss, things like punctuation, because I have the ability to use it magnificently. Now, if one is going to use an exclamation point, there should be a point, to the point, and it should get to the point, as soon as possible... just a point. If you desire, I can also discuss the use of commas, because I have great experience with them, too, as I have demonstrated, many times, in the past. You know what really bothers me... when people use too much punctuation... and try to share their emotions:) :) m:)... because it's really hard to do with punctuation... you know what I mean:-)?