Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Picture update

"Hmm... not totally sure what this is..."

"Ooh... it's good!"

"I wonder how I can most efficiently get this all in my mouth at once..."

"I have an idea!"
"This works even better!"

"Happy Birthday, Mom! Good cake!"

A couple weekends ago we were able to go on the Savannah Riverboat Dinner Cruise! That's something we've talked about doing since we move to Hinesville 2 years ago and told ourselves we would after the deployment. Well, a few weeks ago a fellow Chaplain's wife offered to watch Soph any time we needed it - so we took her up on it! :-)

It was SO much fun! It was pretty dark after dinner when we went up on the 3rd deck, but it was still pretty cool to see all the lights. We took the Savannah River out to the Atlantic, then back in.

Unbeknownst to us, there was a Seafood Festival going on at the same time. As an attraction there, there was a tall ship that is run by a commune of people. After seeing the tour cost only a $1 donation, we were all over it! We were able to spend about 15 minutes there before catching the cruise!

Jon loves boats, and that evening made him want one even more! Maybe when he retires...

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Lori McDonald said...

WOW - she is getting sooo big!!!

You know I will watch her if you need me to - anytime!!!!