Friday, September 19, 2008

Good day.

What a great day yesterday!!

We had our PWOC Kick-Off- I couldn't have asked for it to go more smoothly! We had 24 women there! (To put it in context, the first time I attended 3 months ago there were 5...) 7 of them were brand new! I know numbers aren't everything, but it was very encouraging. I think the most encouraging part was that 5 of the 7 came because a friend invited them- that is awesome!

One thing that really struck me yesterday was how much of a group atmosphere we have. We had six ladies come out on Wednesday to help set up, and everyone (who wasn't new) pitched in in some way yesterday. Really, I did very little. They work together so well and will do anything they can to help out. I think, too, that since it's a smaller group, there is more ownership- they know there isn't "someone else" to do what needs to be done.

I left there (after 45 minutes of clean-up, of course- but again, we had about 10 people there to help clean up!) and went to Jon's office to see what he was up to. He showed me a newspaper article- "Wanna go?" he said. I looked down to see that Indelible Grace was in concert near Savannah!

What? You've never heard of them? You obviously haven't been reading my blog for long! :-) IG is a collection of various singers (including Derek Webb, Sandra McCracken, and Andrew Osenga of Caedmon's Call fame) who write new music for old hymns. Like any music, some songs are great, some not so much- but all in all they're probably my favorite group. Matthew Smith was the only singer at the concert last night.

We really had a great time. Sophie danced away- it was really cute! I was able to get a little video of it (before she saw me with the camera), so I'll have to post that later.

Ok, much to do- busy weekend ahead of us- have a great day!

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