Friday, February 23, 2007

amazing grace?

we saw it tonight. today was the opening day of the amazing grace movie. my parents went to see it earlier in the day and had given it good reviews, so i was quite excited. i won't comment on the movie for now except to say that you should go see it! Christian cliches were kept to a small minimum... and after googling them when i came home, i realized that john newton (who spoke them in the movie) actually originally penned them!

that is all i shall say on the movie... for now...

no, coming home at close to one in the morning, there is something else pressing on my mind: the woman who sat next to me at the theater. she was the epitomy of what you don't want the person sitting next to you to be! She talked through the entire thing... it seemed like every thought she had she vocalized. any moderately emotional part, she responded with "mmm... how cool..." or "that is so cute" or "good for him!" or "that's just great"- it drove me crazy. i digress.

the point is that, between the previews and the movie, a coke commercial celebrating black history was shown. this woman, the SAME one who sang the praises of william wilberforce and the abolitionist movement, she said during this commercial, and i quote, "blah blah blah."

BLAH BLAH BLAH?? you're at a movie celebrating abolition of slavery and you "blah blah blah" the black history commercial?

so what... we should abolish slavery but supress the race after that? we should avoid any contribution they have made? it's a 30 second coke commercial... you are bored with history after 30 seconds? you glorify the "amazing grace" of God (and rightly so), yet you are unwilling to extend his grace in your own life by recognizing what a particular race has accomplished?


if there was anything i could have changed about the movie, it would have been that woman.


Anonymous said...

Since my needling of you about AI didn't work, I'll try again here. Stupidity at a movie aside, you seem to create a false dichotomy between supporting BHM and suppressing blacks. I do neither. Blacks have made amazing achievments to history- I bring them up when germane, but don't go digging them up. It sounds fake, like Stuart on Mad TV-"Look what blacks can do!" I believe in black history year 'round, and don't feel the need to parade it for one month a year. -MDN

JF said...

Well, I think you missed the point. Did you know that Feb is actually national lactose intolerant month? Now, me personally, i celebrate that every day and don't need a month out of the year to recognize it. However, were I to go to a movie about "the man who couldn't drink milk..." I wouldn't poo poo the month either.

I didn't catch any said "dichotomy"

Sara said...

to clarify, i am not trying to create this alleged dichotomy. i do, however, believe there is a difference between "celebrating" said month and scoffing at it. i don't personally celebrate it, per se, but i also don't make fun of it... especially at a movie about an even that indeed laid the framework for it.

it is totally within this woman's perogative to not celebrate BHM... but to put it down- in a public place no less- was in very poor taste.