Sunday, July 16, 2006

georgia on my mind

well, it's been a while. i think it's one of those things that the longer you stay away, the harder it is to come back. i have had much on my mind to blog about though, so the best way is to jump right in.

for now, though, an update. jon is now in georgia with all of our earthly possessions, save what i need to survive for the next two weeks. he had a drill (drills are a one weekend/month commitment to the national guard) this weekend... the same weekend as i was a bridesmaid in sara's wedding. whatareyagonnado; being apart is kinda par for the course.

he'll fly back up in about a week and a half to get me; we'll drive back down together. we do have a house that we're renting from some close friends temporarily; that is a real blessing.

i will use this blog as a mode of keeping you updated on our lives- be sure to check back!


Mark said...

This may be the best place to say what I want to say. Words don't come very easy for me in person. So, as you prepare to go away, know that somehow and for some reason you have gotten under my skin for the past 3 years. I value and cherish your friendship and consider myself a much richer person for having known you. I could not love you more if you were one of my own daughters.I hope and pray that God will grant you ALL of your dreams as you and Jon pursue your life together. I also genuinely hope that God will cross our paths again. I can't bring myself to say "goodbye", so I'll just say Via Con Dios and Until We Meet Again. Thank you for just being Sara.

With no intention of being "creepy", :-)

Mark Rawson

Ae said...


Simply put, I'll miss you. Can't say more cuz I'll cry and I'm at work. Love you! Take care of yourself! Stay in touch...