Saturday, May 20, 2006

the bike

it is saturday, and a beautiful saturday at that. after getting used to the 80s the south offered, the 40s we returned to in michigan were an unwelcome change.

we went for a drive this afternoon... well, rather a ride. yep, jonathan got a motorcyle. it's a 2006 suzuki v-strom, for those of you that means anything to. if you're like me, the pertinent information is that it is a sleek black and dark silver.

i had been on a motorcylce once before, but only for about a 20 minute drive. the 2 hours today was a very different experience! it was lovely though, as we rode through small towns (and villages) north of where we live, admiring the rolling farmland and old houses. it was quite charming.

look back soon for pics from vacation! (maybe if i post they're coming i will be more motivated to get them done...)


Rossi said...

so posting the pics were coming as incentive to get them here obviously isnt' working, must we try something else?

JDG said...

For heavens sake! Post them!

Rossi said...

waiting, still waiting,
if i can't trust you to post pictures in a timely manner, how in the world can we trust that you will keep us updated when you (sniff, sniff) leave? The child could be in kidnegarten before we even know your having one!!!! come on now!!!! there i feel better now.