Tuesday, October 25, 2005

i'm a champion.

tonight was one of my most stunning achievements. yes, I had katelyn in bed and quiet before nine. i know, i know, hold the applause please. you see, katelyn is my 5-year-old niece (and therefore loves anything with the number 5- on the way to her house tonight, she wouldn't let me change the radio off the preset button with "5" on it...) i have to admit, i recieved a lot of help from the "tickle monster"- little trick i learned from my mom. the night was everything normal and lovely: spaghetti on guyanese plates, eating off a special tv tray in the living room, building a baby bed with legos, making cards for those she loves, drinking hot cocoa, and even watching charlie brown and the great pumpkin. brushing teeth went off beautifully- she even asked for a little more when I thought we were done, and after me telling her a few memorable stories from my childhood, she quietly agreed to go to sleep. i felt like i had won a gold medal. after that victorious evening, i am now sitting on the couch downstairs...watching tv... basking in the unmeasurable glory of my success.

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