Friday, February 19, 2010

Drumroll please...

We have an RFO!

(read: We actually have *in writing* where we're going next!)

We'll be headed out to Ft. Lewis, Washington in May. Ft. Lewis is near Tacoma, about an hour from Seattle. By all accounts it's a gorgeous place to live, albeit far far far away from family.

So the pre-move preparations have begun. We've looked at moving companies (Full DITY is TOTALLY the way to go, even paying a company to drive the truck for us), just today we sold the boat (don't worry, I'm quite certain there will be another one in Seattle...), we've begun a garage sale pile (though I feel an enormous need to get rid of anything & everything baby, I'm resisting that urge for now...), and we've been drooling over houses to rent.

Jon will be moving into "student status" as he does the Clinical Pastoral Education training and works on his Doctorate of Ministry. This means that this coming year his job will look very different from what it's been, but a little change of occupational scenery is a pleasant shift.

In April we'll be celebrating 5 years of marriage... and in that time, this will be our 6th move... ah, the Army life...


Rachel said...

Awesome! I hear Ft. Lewis is awesome. I have a friend who is stationed there. She's a chaplain's wife. Her name is Laura Burton. She's awesome. I hope your move goes smoothly and that you love Ft. Lewis.


MaryLu said...

Hey Sara, I was just going to suggest that we have a chaplain's wife blogger get together. When you get here, there will be four of us Chaplain wife bloggers. Let's do it!
I can't imagine doing a complete DITY move. We've always just done a partial. That's hard enough.
Where are you looking for housing? On post? I can give you a head's up on good communities, we've lived here since 2002. You can emai me directly if you want, MLMscraps at Fairpoint dot net.
LEt me know if there is anything I can do for you, I'd be happy to babysit if you need a day to unpack or whatever.

Angel said...

Make sure you make time to spend time up on Whidbey island! A great friend was stationed there and just never loved WA. I FINALLY got her up here (we'd meet half way or on her end most of the time) the week she left and she finally realized why we are SO IN LOVE with WA, and regretted not coming sooner!