Friday, October 09, 2009

Sophie's big girl bed!

Lots has happened, but right now I need to show you something cool:

Sophie's big girl bed! You know what's even cooler? Jon built it!

When I was pregnant, we decided to get a toddler bed for Sophie instead of another crib. That turned into Jon building a toddler bed... which turned into "Why not a twin bed that she can use for many years?"... which turned into "Why not build bunk beds that can be used separately?"

And here we are!

Sophie loves it! She cried the first couple times we laid her down there. THEN she figured out she could get up! It only took one warning, though, and I am proud to say she has not gotten up prematurely since! She's been in it for about a month now - what a big girl!

It's amazing how much older she seems now that we have a newborn. Her vocabulary has expanded - it's so fun now that I actually know what she's talking about! She adores Ransom ("Reme" as she calls him) - and she's very concerned about him. If he's crying, she promptly comes and tells me "Reme shad" (sad). If she sees he doesn't have a blanket - even if it's 80 degrees - she finds him one and covers him up.

Ransom is doing great too - he weighs almost 13 pounds and is 24" long - that's the 95th percentile for weight and 90th for length! I think he'll weigh more than Sophie by his first birthday. He's getting strong - he can hold his head up very well and loves to smile!

I never believed it would happen to me, but it has... I take significantly fewer pictures of Ransom than I did of Sophie at this age. I'm starting to amend that. Look for new pics later today!

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