Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sophie Update

Sophia turned 18 months on Sunday! We celebrated by having her well-baby check-up yesterday...

She is, not surprisingly, doing great. I have had several people comment to me that she looks tall, which I never understood - until yesterday. Seems she is in the 40th percentile in height, but only 14th in weight.

Sophia, now that you're 18 months, here are some of the things I absolutely adore about you, and never want to forget...

~ The way you drink all your milk from your cereal bowl when you're done, following my accidental example...

~ When you see something you want, you say "peeease" and nod your head.

~ The way you start "reading out loud" from the book you're looking at when Dad or I read to you.

~ How excited you get when Dad gets home - you run toward the door, arms out for a hug, squealing the whole way.

~ How you have started liking being "pretty" - barrettes and headbands in your hair, necklaces, combing your hair.

~ How, every time I walk down the hall, you follow me, either saying "upupupup" (telling me you want me to lift you "up" onto my bed to play), or "po-y" (meaning you want to sit on the potty).

~ The way you sit at your desk with a piece of paper and pen, diligently writing, as if you are chronicling your day for future generations.

~ How, when you know we're getting ready to leave, you start gathering things: your shoes, my shoes, my purse, the diaper bag... then get VERY upset if we don't leave right away!

~ The way you hold your hand up to your mouth and make "whisper" noises if Dad or I whispers to you.

~ How you fold your hands and say "paaay" when it's time to pray - and if we say the Lord's Prayer, you say it with us. In tongues, apparently. ;-)

~ How upset you get when someone else is crying or yelling. I hope you never lose this sense of empathy.

You are such a sweet child!


Beth said...

I just got a little teared up. I miss you all so much.

Megan said...

Sara, that is so sweet. Sophie is such a beautiful little girl! You are ALL such a beautiful family. :)

Lori McDonald said...

WOW!!! She is getting sooo big - and is that a belly I see on you??? How much longer til Jon JR is here???

fill me in!!!


Pinkshoelady said...

What a beautiful family!
I wanted to thank you for your blog. I've spent some time looking over most of your past post especially the ones on the chaplaincy and I must say you are very informative and encouraging.
Thank you for sharing so that those of us who are considering and trying to follow in your footsteps can know part of the way.
You are a very wise young woman who God has blessed tremendously! I hope our paths will cross someday.